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Mısırlıoğlu Design Group

Mısırlıoğlu Architecture is committed to producing arhitecture of the highest quality, marked by conceptual innovation, investigation of the material, and a strong attention to detail. Every project is approached as a unique challenge, and the result is a vibrant portfolio that includes office and private residences, as well as leisure facilities like five-star hotels and resorts, spas, shopping malls and cultural centers.

The company has offices in different countries such as: Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya), USA (Miami), Dominican Republic, Cuba, Russia, where develops projects and builds a number of objects. When you require an architectural design solution tailored to your specific needs, Mısırlıoğlu Architecture works as a large and enthusiastic team of interior designers, architects and engineers, providing the diverse knowledge that is essential to each project’s success. A high degree of personal service, coupled with respect for the precious resources of cost and time, characterises our client relationships. Our philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that success is the result of collaboration and dialogue. Mısırlıoğlu Architecture favours an open exchange of ideas between the client and the firm, throughout the development of a project. Thanks to this working style, we are able to get results even beyond the expectation of our clients.
We believe the best architecture comes from a synthesis of a couple of qualities: Character of the building; the structure that holds it up; the quality of natural and artificial light going through it; the way people move through and around it; the last but not the least, its ability to lift the spirits. Whether for residential, commercial or public projects, we endeavour to make your vision become a reality...

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